• The clinic will issue medical certificates if, and only if, the employee or student has undergone proper medical consultation with the University Physician.
  • If the employee or student has been seen by a physician other than the University Physician, the employee or student in question will have to secure a medical certificate from the physician who has seen him/her.


  • In case of emergency, the patient will be assessed by the clinic personnel on duty and will be given necessary first aid. The patient will be send immediately to the nearest hospital together with the nurse so that medical treatment will be given.
  • The nurse on duty will immediately inform the parents/guardian or significant others of the patient.
  • The nurse who accompanies the patient to the hospital will not leave him/her unless the patient’s parent/guardian or significant others will arrive and/or the patient is in stable condition and has been properly endorsed to the hospital staff.
  • An incident report will be made by the nurse for proper documentation of the incident.


These are the policies on issuance of medicines/vaccines and other drug administration as per physician’s order:

  • Only a starting dose is given to every patient.
  • Antibiotics are prescribed only by the physician.
  • Topical medication is applied on a daily basis.
  • Patients for intramuscular injection are entertained with referral note from Attending Physician.
  • Vaccination for student nurses is given with referral from College of Nursing.
  • No medicine should be given to students with mild symptoms such as low grade fever, runny nose, occasional cough except asthma, and diarrhea when bowel movement is less than 3 times in 24 hours.
  • Patients who have asthma, hypertension and other serious conditions should bring their own medicines to school.
  • All students with maintenance drugs or special needs must present medical certificate from their Attending Physician for record purposes.
  • Students with contagious illness should be isolated or be confined at home (e.g. chicken pox, measles, mumps) .


On issuance of excuse slip:

· Excuse slip is only given to students if they are seen and checked by the nurse on duty and assessed to have certain illness. They can be excused from class and will be allowed to go home.

On being absent from class:

· If a student has been absent from class without informing the nurse-on-duty and was not able to visit the clinic at the time of his absence, he is required to secure an excuse letter duly signed by the parent or guardian. The letter must contain information which includes reason for absence and the date of absence. An excuse slip, as completed by the nurse-on-duty, will then be attached to the letter and will be presented to their teachers.

On staying inside the clinic:

  • Students are only allowed to stay and rest in the clinic if they are sick and may stay in the clinic until their condition is stable and vital signs are normal.
  • Students who are sick are not allowed to bring friends to stay with them.
  • Only one person is allowed on each bed.
  • Eating, while on bed, is strictly not allowed unless it is necessary.
  • Visitors are not allowed to stay inside the clinic. They can visit for only 5 minutes.
  • Students are not allowed to standby inside the clinic.
  • The Female Ward is strictly for female students, faculty/staff only. Only male students, faculty/staff are allowed to stay in the Male Ward.